Beechcraft C-45, Douglas C-47-c-53,

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Following the Second World War, Italy joined N.A.T.O. on the 4th April 1949 and the Aeronautica Militare began to receive aid for the reconstruction of its transport units. The United States donated 124 Beechcraft C-45’s, stored in Munich, Germany, of which 65 were intended to provide spare parts. In 1947, in order to re-equip the re-born national airline companies the Italian government acquired, through the Foreign Liquidation Commission, 32 former USAAF C-47 aircraft of which 22 were “DL aircraft manufactured in the Douglas factory at Long Beach. A further 10 were C-47B’s. These aircraft were shared out between LAI, the Aerea Teseo company, Transadriatica, SISA, and 2 ALI, allowing the recommencement of scheduled airline services in Italy. May 1953 saw the first two C-119G arrive with USAF markings. These deliveries were made by MDAP with the aim to equip Italian transport units which were operating the C-45 and C-47. In successive stages, 43, then followed by 5 ex-Indian Air Force C-119Gs were delivered to the 46a Aerobrigata. The author retraces the history, missions and flying adventures of this exciting period in Italy’s post war age. Analysing technical details and utilising over 230 photographs and colour profiles.

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