Birmingham Buses Route by Route 1925-1975


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Towards the end of 1924 Birmingham Corporation Tramways placed into service its first significant numbers of closed top double-deck buses. These were immediately successful and BCT decided that the motorbus was the way forward. It built up a fine network of bus services, generally radiating from the city centre, supported by three circulars at different distances from the centre. An earlier agreement with Midland Red, dating back to 1914, generally meant that BCT vehicles were contained within the city’s boundaries while Midland Red provided the links to the town beyond. Many books have been written about buses but very few are based around the service network, despite the fact that routes are of prime interest to many enthusiasts. Birmingham’s network was very logical and stable, lending itself to this treatment. The creation of WMPTE in 1969 and the takeover of Midland Red local services four years later ended this stability as rationalisation exercises began from November 1976. The proposed end dates avoids the ensuing complexity but allows for some WMPTE content for those interested in that period. Malcolm Keeley provides readers with an in depth look at the city terminus arrangements and the infamous one-way system, also included is a variety of mono and colour illustrations, many of which have never been seen before!


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