BR Steam Locomotives Complete Allocations History 1948-1968


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Hugh Longworth is well known for the extraordinary level of detail provided in his listings books and this new title provides a masterful and definitive guide to the complete allocation history of every BR steam locomotive that saw service on the network during BR’s twenty years of steam. A complementary volume to his previous volume British Railway Steam Locomotive, this new book includes the following unique features:Full allocation history for each engineThumbnail diagram for each classFull shed names listed in each entry (not just codes)Full shed recoding shown where relevant.A visual indication showing length of time at each shedColour used to differentiate the regionsNames shownAll withdrawal dates shownFull coverage 1948-1968 (not just 1950 as on most other lists)The author’s first allocations book concentrated on snap shot views (three year intervals), giving the reader overviews of the subject, while this new volume focusses on individual engines, and tracks their wanderings in detail, giving the reader a complete history of each locomotive in the 20 years of steam on BR.


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