British Railways in Unseen Colour 1960


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IN STOCK FROM 30th OCTOBER 2021 At the end of 1948, the first year of British Railway’s operation, it had 20,260 steam locomotives on its books. By 1960, this had fallen to 13,296 engines with the withdrawal in the intervening years of many pre-grouping types that had survived into BR days due to the pressing need for locos during World War 11 and its aftermath. The steam fleet was therefore still huge in 1960 which was also the year that saw the construction at Swindon of the last of the 999 BR Standard locos, 9F No 92220 Evening Star.This year, which was in many ways the high water mark of BR steam, is celebrated in this book using colour images which we believe have not been previously published, that are in the care of the Online Transport Archive, a charity tasked with conserving and providing a safe haven for collections of transport related images and films which might otherwise be lost to posterity.The images in these pages range across the country and reflect many aspects of the steam railway and its infrastructure in 1960. Across the seasons, we have views depicting idyllic rural branch lines, main line expresses, labouring, lengthy, loose coupled goods and mineral trains, shed and station scenes, which combine to paint a picture of the actuality of the railways all those years ago.


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