Building the P-51 Mustang in Factory Photos

Michael O’Leary


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¢Now in Paperback! ¢Inner workings of North American’s P-51 factor ¢Every step in the process of building the P-51 ¢Packed with facts on the P-51 detailing its design and why many structural changes occurred during its life The P-51 Mustang holds a fascination unlike any other World War II aircraft, and countless books have been written about nearly every aspect of the Mustang’s colourful history. However, the story of manufacturing the airplane itself is usually contained only in the opening chapters of these books. Now, for the first time, here is a major work devoted strictly to telling the story of how this legendary airplane was designed and built using rare original factory photographs, documents, and unique engineering information. The author uses more than 300 original photos culled from his personal archive of official North American and USAAF images, many of which have never before been seen in any publication whatsoever. This book will provide a vital missing link


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