Cold War Peacemaker

Dennis R Jenkins


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..and Don Pyeatt. Features new technical information about the development of this great historic airplane Includes the untold political story of the Convair’s Ft. Worth manufacturing facility Contains a detailed list of operational B-36 missions, some of which were classified ‘Secret’ at the time 300 rarely-seen photographs Few aircraft in history have captured the imagination like Convair’s B-36 Peacemaker. The world’s first intercontinental bomber served as a strategic deterrent against possible nuclear war and projected the global reach of the Air Force’s new Strategic Air Command during the opening years of the Cold War. While many books have been written about this aircraft, none has ever told one of the most intriguing aspects of the B-36 story “ the place where the airplane came to be designed, manufactured, and test flown. Once known as Cowtown


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