Eagles Over Gazala

Michele Palermo


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Researched from newly available archivesCovers all nations in the air war over the western desert.In early 1942 the axis army was near to reaching Alexandria and the Suez Canal, dealing a significant blow to the British Empire and the ensuing ‘Battle of Gazala’ proved of great importance to the war in North Africa.In the immediate years after the end of WWII, much official documentation was kept secret or made available only to the authors of the so-called ‘official histories’ but now, newly accessible, these records reveal the true performance of Luftwaffe, Allied, and, for the first time, the Italian air forces.Author Michele Palermo sheds light on the impact of these air force operations and their effect on the balance of power between the contenders. Revealing new information on the contribution of the SAAF and the other forces of the Dominions to the Commonwealth effort, the author also scrutinises Luftwaffe ace Hans-Joachim Marseille’s claims.Highly illustrated this in depth examination of aerial battles during the North African campaign will appeal to anyone interested in WWII history.


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