Enemy Coast Ahead – Uncensored + FREE Lancaster I Pilot’s Notes

Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC, DS


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70 years ago today, a pioneering yet highly dangerous mission was undertaken by the brave men of 617 Squadron. The Dambusters raid has been etched on the minds of every generation as a true tale of bravery, selfless duty and British ingenuity. We salute those brave men of 617 Squadron and long may their heroic story live on for generations to come. To celebrate this iconic moment in wartime history, we are offering a free copy of the Lancaster I Pilot’s Notes with every copy of Enemy Coast Ahead Uncensored, THE first-hand account of the Dambuster raid from the man who led it, Wing Commander Guy Gibson. Written in 1944, this amazing memoir remains one of the most outstanding accounts of WWII seen through the eyes of one of its most respected and controversial personalities. Now you can experience Gibson’s own story in his own words. Offer ends Sunday 19th May.


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