Festung Posen Volume 1

Erik Linderholm


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In January 1945 when the Red army launched their massive winter offensive and smashed the German forces standing in front of them, a number of German occupied towns were declared fortresses by Hitler. Only a handful of them were actually prepared for their new designation. Most didn´t even have a anti-tank ditch around the town. Even fever actually had a garrison. Posen was declared a fortress or Festung and they actually had a garrison , being home for several training establishments for the replacement army. The town became surrounded and fought to the death, being isolated and getting no outside help. The garrison were a collection of various units and their fighting capacity were well under the average. And still they managed to hold the Red army at bay for a full month. In this book 5 veterans of this battle tells us their story from those eventful days. Every bit of scary fighting and frustration over the situation is there. Even the treatment of German POWs by the Red army soldiers after the fighting stopped is described in detail. · Complete Order-of-Battle for both sides in the battle. · Many never-before seen photos. · 5 complete gripping eyewitness stories from soldiers who participated and survived. · A unique book as this subject never has been published in English before. Publication date TBC


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