LBSCR Atlantics


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The 4-4-2 Atlantic locomotive type was developed in Britain in the late 19th century. Among the finest examples in the eyes of many were the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway’s Class H1 express passenger locomotives designed by Chief Mechanical Engineer R. E. Marsh and the ‘H2s’ built by Marsh’s successor Billinton.This attractive new history provides a highly detailed account of the design, development and operation of the Brighton ‘H1s’ and ‘H2s’ which last saw service in the late 1950s. An introductory chapter also gives a brief history of the ‘I1’, ‘I2’, ‘I3’ and ‘I4’ class 4-4-2T Atlantic tank locomotives built by Marsh for LBSCR suburban services. Throughout, the text is enlivened with an extensive selection of photographs and line drawings.


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