Lockheed Blackbird Family

Tony Landis


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Exclusive images recently de-classified and released by the CIA Previously unseen photographs from the Lockheed company New information about the development of these futuristic airplanes Special camoflage schemes Still the world’s most popular and most exciting aircraft, the Lockheed family of A-12, YF-12, D-21/M-21, and SR-71 Blackbirds are to this day the highest-performance jet-powered airplanes ever flown. They have set numerous world speed and altitude records for manned aircraft powered by airbreathing engines that theoretically may never be broken. Although no longer operational, A-12s and SR-71s flew for nearly three decades at speeds in excess of Mach 3 and altitudes of up to 90,000 feet. Expanding on the successful sales of all Specialty Press Blackbird publications is this natural extension of our product line created by compiling many never-before-published photos coupled with new declassified information recently released by the CIA, including black-and-white and color photos of A-12 cockpits, early camera installations, and never-before-seen special camouflage schemes. It is a book that I immensely enjoyed reading and thumbing through the images. It is one that I know you will like and so give it my highest recommendation. Modeling Madness, reviewed by Scott Van Aken, March 2010


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