Northrop’s Night Hunter

Jeff Kolln


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World War II changed the face of warfare forever. Now enemies were fighting and flying all night, which mandated that a fighter be developed that could carry a new technological invention aloft “ radar. Northrop’s Night Hunter covers the development history of the P-61 Black Widow and the radar built specifically for its use. The P-61 was the most successful Allied night fighter of the war, and flew combat in the China-Burma-India, European, and Pacific theaters of the war. This book details the aircraft’s offensive and defensive systems, its operations, and covers its unique uses from missile testing to flights by the U.S. Navy. All of this makes for a superb book that is both interesting to read and an excellent reference. A book that I know you will enjoy. Modeling Madness, reviewed by Scott Van Aken, November 2008 Highly recommended. Air Classics, reviewed by George Hulett, February 2009 This book is well researched, well written, and a solid contribution to the literature examining the P-61 and the aircrews which battled for control of the night skies during World War II. 13th Air Force Veteran’s Assoc. Newsletter, April 2009 Author Jeff Kolln tells you virtually everything you will ever need to know about the Black Widow, from its initial design phases to an accounting of the four surviving aircraft. Kolln writes well, and with authority, his detailed research being clearly evident. Aviation History, reviewed by Walter J. Boyne I found this to be one of those rare titles that offers something for both the modeller and the aircraft historian/enthusiast. I highly recommend this title particularly at the price which is well below what I would expect to pay for such a quality book. If you want a book that covers the P-61 this is what you are after, it is the definitive P-61 reference. Hyperscale, reviewed by Al Bowie, June 2009


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