Private Pilot’s Licence Course Vol.3

Jeremy M Pratt


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Profusely illustrated with full colour diagrams, illustrations and photographs, the meteorology section has been written with the assistance of the Met. Office, and includes the latest advances such as interpreting satellite pictures and Internet services. The navigation section includes detailed and fully-illustrated information on how to plan and conduct a VFR flight, including an illustrated map reading flight, the latest map symbology and radio navigation theory. The complimentary subjects of Meteorology and Navigation covered in one book. ¢ Includes radio navigation ¢ Includes full colour section ¢ Revision questions at the end of each chapter ¢ Includes actual map-reading flight and practical flight planning example ¢ CAA LASORS recommended PPL 3 Advisors: Colin McAllister “ a met. office lecturer, Colin was an aviation forecaster for the RAF for many years working at several RAF bases and then taught meteorology in the RAF, before joining the met office college then at Reading. He now teaches trainee forecasters and also assists on courses for pilots run by the UK met. office.


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