Private Pilot’s Licence Course Vol.4

Jeremy M Pratt


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The first section of PPL4 deals with basic aerodynamics, moving on to the physical characteristics of the aeroplane including modern construction materials and designs. PPL4 also explains aircraft loading and performance, aircraft documentation and maintenance procedures and general flight safety. ¢ Fully illustrated with photographs, line drawings and diagrams. ¢ Includes separate Flight Planning section. ¢ Full colour section. ¢ Revision questions at the end of each chapter. ¢ CAA LASORS recommended. PPL 4 Advisor: John C Gibson, Msc “ John Gibson is a specialist in the handling qualities of aircraft. In a 40 year career with British Aerospace (formerly English Electric and BAC) he worked on aircraft such as the Lightning, TSR2, Jaguar, Harrier, Tornado and Eurofighter, and has authored a number of publications on handling qualities. In 1991 he was awarded the Royal Aeronautical Society Bronze Medal for innovations in handling qualities analysis and design methods. John Gibson has been a glider pilot since 1947, a gliding instructor since 1966, and is co-designer of the BG.135/SD3 sailplane series; he has flown 46 types of glider and powered aircraft.


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