The Dambusters Volume 2

Sam Olsen


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In the icy north of Norway’s sub Arctic region a dark threat loomed large for the Allied convoys transporting vital supplies to the Soviet forces engaged in total war against their German foe. The battleship Tirpitz was the Kreigsmarine’s final ace, potentially capable of crippling the Arctic convoy’s as well as taking on the most powerful Allied vessel. Numerous attempts had been made to remove this threat but none were successful. It was time for the professionals to be called in: 617 Squadron. The Squadron had already written its name into the history books with raids on some of Germany’s toughest targets, including the quite unbelievable Dams Raid, but the three Tirpitz raids would see them push the boundaries even further as they temporarily relocated to Soviet Russia, the first Allied squadron to do so, utilised ground breaking weaponry and pushed their aircraft and skills to the very limits, all while facing German Flak, smoke screens, the threat of interceptors and the fearsome fire-power of the behemoth itself. This book begins on the precipice of D-day and follows 617 Squadron’s technically demanding decoy flights across the English Channel to help secure the D-day landings, it then records every raid the squadron conducted until the end of the war including attacks on massive U-boat pens, V weapon bases, the viaducts and bridges vital to powering the Ruhr Valley, and finally a flight to the very doorstep of the Führer himself; Berchtesgaden beside Hitler’s Berghof residence. · Complete coverage in detail of all the missions flown by the 617th Squadron Dambusters


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