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For Operation Telic, the 2003 campaign in Iraq, the UK was the junior partner alongside their American allies but still contributed a substantial force. This was based around the 1st Armoured Division consisting of 7th Armoured Bde, 16 Air Assault Bde and 102 Logistics Bde, with the Marines of 3 Commando Bde under command. This account concentrates on 16 Air Assault Bde’s two parachute battalions, 1 and 3 Para, and their role in the lead up to, and during, the campaign, including training in temporary camps in Kuwait and final preparations to vehicles, weapons and equipment ready for the attack. The author’s role as media escort with 3 Para Battle Group gave him the freedom to move around the battlefield and cover the Paras on operations and this book, illustrated by over 200 colour photographs, shows how paratroopers looked and fought during the campaign. It shows the reality of British forces in a modern-day war, with insights into the Parachute Regiment’s equipment and operations.


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