The S&D Line From Above: Evercreech Junction to Bournemouth


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The Somerset & Dorset is one of the most popular lines in Britain’s railway history. Although it was one of the many uneconomic lines that closed following the Beeching report in the early 1960s it has a great appeal to railway enthusiasts today. Many remember the line as a route to holiday destinations, as it linked Bath and Bournemouth and provided connections to the Midland and London & South Western railways from Great Western territory, but it also provided a valuable service to local passengers and freight traffic. Although the Somerset & Dorset closed more than 40 years ago, the line has left traces in the landscape which are still visible today. The route is split into two volumes from Bath to Evercreech Junction and from Evercreech Junction to Bournemouth. This book shows the route through the medium of aerial photography from Evercreech Junction to Bournemouth and the branches to Burnham-on-Sea, Bridgwater and Wells, including well known landmarks of the railway that are still traceable today such as Templecombe shed, Shillingstone station, Spetisbury station and Pylle station. The stunning aerial photographs are supplemented by historical photographs of significant locations or structures along the line such as stations, tunnels, junctions and viaducts as well as maps showing sections of the line before closure.


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