The Uniformed Police Forces Of The Third Reich, 1933 – 1945

Phil Nix


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… and George Jerome Germany had no national police force until 1920 when it was formed by the Weimar regime. The National Socialists were instrumental in its development. The duties performed by the Ordnungspolizei were the same as those performed in any other country in peace time. However, it did supervise the professional and voluntary fire services and provided advice to private factory security units. During the war the uniformed police undertook an important new task. it was used to assist the security police in carrying out duties in occupied territories. To this end a total of 38 police regiments and a number of local regiments in occupied territories were formed. Police members were used to raise and man two Waffen-SS divisions to fight alongside the army. The police were at the core of the civil defenses in the Third Reich providing the organization for defense against air raids in towns and industrial complexes. Outstanding service was given in fighting fires and in the protection of members of the population. This book will attempt to show the complete organization of the police forces of the Third Reich and will provide biographical information on the most senior officers of the forces.


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