U.S. Experimental & Prototype Aircraft Projects

William Norton


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America’s military aircraft industry was forced to grow at an incredible pace during World War II. At the beginning of the conflict, the nation’s air arms were out-matched by better-performing Axis aircraft. It was the development, often in secret, and subsequent performance of America’s fighter aircraft that helped turn the tide of the war.This book focuses on those American fighter projects of WWII that never reached combat forces, or only in a very limited manner. It illuminates little known or minimally documented aircraft and projects that significantly advanced fighter design but never went into full-rate production and deployment. ‘Standard’ types are also examined to illustrate the state of the art at the time, the American posture and capabilities, goals set by national and military leadership, and general factors affecting the course of development for classes of fighters. Also included are ‘dead-end’ variants of service types, those only exported after US evaluation, and aircraft that entered service in only small numbers before being overcome by more advanced models or the end of hostilities.You know, it seems like one can count on certain publishers to provide the finest coverage of a subject, and so it is with Specialty Press. An outstanding book that I know will be a major reference for both enthusiast and modeler alike. One that I can easily give my highest recommendation.Modeling Madness, reviewed by Scott Van Aken, October 2008This book will appeal to both the armchair enthusiast as well as the modeler. The enthusiast will enjoy reading the easy to follow text and the modeler will be impressed with the sharp, clear images of the experimental and prototype machines.Hyperscale, reviewed by Rodger Kelly, November 2008I thoroughly enjoyed this book and eagerly await a companion volume on bomber designs. Highly recommended.Model Aircraft Monthly, reviewed by David Veres, January 2009


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