Wrecks and Relics 27th Edition

Ken Ellis


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Covers over 750 locations throughout the British Isles.In excess of 700 different aircraft types and 5000 individual aircraft listed.Wrecks & Relics remains the essential touring guide to the aviation museums, warbirds, collections and aeronautical heritage of the British Isles.DescriptionNow remarkably in its 27th edition, ever since it was first published in the 1960s every edition of Wrecks & Relics has been eagerly sought after by aviation enthusiasts, restorers and curators alike. It is renowned as the go-to source charting the highlights, changes and trends in the preservation of the aviation heritage of the British Isles. With in-depth coverage of more than 700 locations across the UK and Ireland, it charts over 5,000 aircraft including their potted histories, build and arrival dates.Wrecks & Relics is the only publication required to discover the incredible aeronautical treasures found across the United Kingdom and in Ireland. It provides a trusted, comprehensive rundown of museums and their exhibits – static or flying – workshops, military ‘gate guardians’, stored and instructional airframes. It also reveals redundant airframes being used for the most unlikely of purposes, including for ‘glamping’ and at paint-ball sites.Each edition is profusely illustrated with both colour and black and white photographs and is fully indexed easing a search of where to go over the weekend, or where to find an extant example of a favourite aircraft. Whether it travels in the car or sits on the book shelf Wrecks& Relics will prove to be a vital and faithful companion to the aviation heritage of the British Isles which will be referred to again and again.


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