Wrecks & Relics 21st Edition

Ken Ellis


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How many exhibits are there at Duxford? Where did Cosford’s ˜Cold War’ exhibition get its aircraft from? What happened to the RAF’s Jaguars? Where can I see a Constellation? How do I discover the aviation heritage of the South-West? Only one book can provide the answers… A household name since the 1960s, Wrecks & Relics has earned an enviable reputation as the most informed commentary and the best reference source on the UK and Ireland’s aviation heritage. This biennial ˜bible’ is eagerly awaited by curators, restorers, operators and enthusiasts alike as a trusted and hard-working reference. It charts the current status of museums, collections, workshops, military and civilian instructional airframes, derelicts and ˜long forgotten’ airframes. Arranged on a geographic basis, Wrecks & Relics is a fabulous touring guide; providing the details of visitor attractions large and small; including exhibits, locations, opening times, contact points, web-sites and much, much more. Individual aircraft entries include potted histories and helpful comments, providing a unique examination of the state of our museums, ˜warbirds’, classic and vintage types, ˜propliners’, restoration projects, imports and exports.


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